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(714) 350-9636
Piano and Drum Lessons
Westminster, Orange, Santa Ana
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Certified by Scott Houston to teach the popular
Scott Houston's "The Piano Guy"approach

Rates start at just $120
per month!

(This is a good deal. That monthly price gives you a
half-hour lesson each week, regardless of whether your
regular lesson day occurs four or five times in a given
month!  Cool, eh? One-hour lessons are only $200 per
month, same deal with the calendar -- that's an even better
deal than for half-hour lessons. )

(714) 519-9920
call now for an introductory, no-obligation lesson
Email: pianodrumlessons@gmail.com

"...They enjoyed the lesson so much and couldn't
stop talking about it. Thanks again!..." (Nicole S.,
parent of two students, after their first lesson.)

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Hello  from Kent!  I teach piano, drums, music
theory, composition and improvisation
in Santa Ana, Orange,
and nearby cities. My lessons are given in the convenience of your
home, or in my music studio, which is located in the historic
downtown Santa Ana arts district (at French and Fourth Streets -- a
very cool and happening part of town!).

You will benefit from a highly
personalized approach to your music
lessons. With over
25 years of professional experience and a
degree in music, I can definitely help you achieve your goals!

Call now!  (714) 519-9920
Email: pianodrumlessons@gmail.com

Shopping for a music teacher?  Please consider these points for comparison:

  • I offer the traditional, note-reading path (such as classical), or a more
    chord-based approach (pop, rock, blues, jazz, etc). You can combine
    both paths if you wish. Many piano schools and teachers offer only the
    traditional path.

  • Your one-on-one lessons are customized, based on your goals.

  • I strive to make your sessions both fun and productive.

  • Learn jazz, classical, pop, rock, folk, worship, pretty much any style.

  • I hold a college degree in music.

  • I love to teach, especially music.

  • Over 25 years of teaching experience.

  • Competitive Rates.

  • Also offering general music theory, jazz theory, song writing,
    improvisation, and/or composition lessons for any instrument,
    including voice.

About "Chord Piano"

Chord-style musicianship is the fastest and most versatile way to learn
popular music on piano (songs, jams, composition, improvisation). This
approach to popular music is also how the pros do it -- studio musicians,
jazz players, blues musicians, pop players, piano bar players. If you want
to know more, give me a call!  

I also give "traditional" lessons, for those who want to learn classical or
formal music, and for those who simply want to learn how to read music.

When you call, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have
about rates, policies, styles of music taught, etc.

Call Kent at (714) 519-9920

Some of my on-line stuff:

YouTube Channel

Annotated Sheet Music (New)

Learnr Elise

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