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From Parents and Students

"Kent surprised me with his broad knowledge of music styles, techniques
and theory - classical, jazz, blues, boogie - and his playing skills.  He's
patient, uncritical, and always encouraging and he structures his lesson
plans around my musical interests...I like him personally and know I will
learn quickly with him..."

- Paul D.

From a recent email:

"...Also want to give you heads up: We had this Halloween party, Rena
had lots of friends come. Of course, her piano skill impressed some of
the parents. Keren's mom, <Mary>, got your number from me. Keren is
in the same class with Rena, they are good friends.  <Mary> said that
she saw kids learning piano for years, still couldn't play a song.  I told
her, it's all because of Rena's fabulous teacher, Kent Smith!  So, she
might call you...."

"...They enjoyed the lesson so much and couldn't stop talking about
<it>. Thanks again!..."

- Nicole S..

Hi Kent,  
"...I wanted to let you know there is a difference in the way Amanda
views playing piano.  Lately, she wants to practice and learn the pieces
on her own.  She is finding a newfound enjoyment in playing and
learning from you.  :)..."

- Janice Y.

"Kent's music knowledge and experience make the lessons enjoyable.
He puts time and effort in every session, and makes sure I leave with all
my questions answered. Kent has customized my lessons based on my
musical taste. I pick a song I'm interested in and then Kent incorporates
the technique and theory I need to learn the song. I came to him with
zero knowledge on how to play guitar and piano, and a year and a half
later I have some songs under my belt. I especially love that he
encourages me to try new songs on my own. I highly recommend Kent
as your music teacher."

-- Caroline A.

"...I tried out many piano instructors in my area and was very impressed
with the quality of instruction I received from Kent. He is extremely
personable and committed to helping others like myself enjoy playing
the piano. Once you are one of his students, he will go out of his way to
support your learning via phone, email and anything else you may need
to help you progress in musical goals..."  

- Mona R.

About these testimonials: I asked some of my adult students, plus a few
of my younger students' parents, for comments that I could use on my
website. Some of these comments were unsolicited, with permission to
print requested after the comment was made. For privacy's sake, no last
names are used, and some names are completely changed.

Contact-able references are available on request.

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